Do you dream of becoming a microlight pilot?

Morbihan-ULM can provide your training.


Learn to fly a microlight? This is what we offer you.

Morbihan-ULM is affiliated with the FFPLUM and applies its training program.

What are the pre-requisites for piloting and obtaining the ULM pilot license, whatever type?

  • Be over 15 years old.
  • For a first FFPLUM license, provide a medical certificate.
  • Satisfy a theoretical exam with the DGAC.
  • Perform practical training.
  • Pass a flight test.
  • Get your radio qualification.

Age : It is necessary to be over 15 years old to be able to pilot an ULM, whatever its class. However, the training being done in double command at the beginning, it is possible to start it from the age of 14, and perform the release alone on board the day of the 15th birthday... if the conditions allow it ! 18 years of age is required to become an instructor.

Physical condition : When you first apply for a license from the FFPLUM, it is necessary to provide a "Medical certificate of non-contraindication to the practice of ULM". This certificate can be obtained from your attending physician. It must be dated within one year at the time of the license application. Medical certificate template to download.

The theoretical examination : It is carried out, in the form of a MCQ, with the D.G.A.C. (Directorate General of Civil Aviation). It is, in a way, the code of the air route.

Practical training : It can start before passing the theoretical exam. It takes place throughout the year, weekdays and weekends, depending on your availability and the weather.

Your membership of the Morbihan-ULM association is required. Download your membership application.

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