Frequently Asked Questions

What is a « Discovery » flight ?
The « Discovery" flight is a service that includes: the flight and machine presentation briefing, installation on board, the commented flight itself and the debriefing after landing.

Can several people fly on a « Discovery » flight ?
No. Our « Discovery » flights are carried out on board microlights (class 3 multi-axis or class 4 gyroplane). These machines are two-seater. Only 1 passenger and the pilot can take place together.

What is a Multiaxis ULM ?
A multi-axis ULM is an aircraft supported by a fixed wing. It is very close to an airplane, with a protected cockpit (see photos here). Its maximum mass is less than or equal to 500 kg for two-seaters. This mass can be increased by 25 kg in the case of a two-seater multi-axis ULM equipped with a reserve parachute, which is the case for our devices.

What types of microlights are used during « Discovery » flights ?
« Discovery » flights take place aboard our « Best Of Nynja ».

To perform a « Discovery » flight:

  • Do I have to be a member of the Morbihan-Ulm association ?
    No, it is not necessary to be a member of the association for a « Discovery » flight.
  • Do I have to be in possession of a license from the French ULM Federation ?
    No, the federal license is not required for « Discovery » flights.
  • Is there an age restriction ?
    « Discovery » flights are accessible to all ages. However, on the one hand, parental authorization is mandatory for minors (it can be downloaded here). On the other hand, a relative flexibility is required to enter the device.
  • Do I need to have a medical certificate ?
    No, no medical certificate is required.
  • Is there a maximum permitted weight for the passenger ?
    Yes, the passenger weight is a maximum of 100kg, « luggage » included.
  • How long does a « Discovery » flight last ?
    The duration of a flight, in general, depends on several factors, mainly the weather conditions (wind in particular) but also the traffic conditions on and around Quiberon aerodrome.
  • How to buy a « Discovery » flight ?
    You can take your tickets directly from the online ticket service (payment by bank card, Visa, Carte Bleue, Mastercard and E. Carte Bleue only). It is also possible, after booking confirmed by email, to pay them directly on the Quiberon site. We do not have a credit card terminal. In this case, payment can only be made in cash or by check.
  • Can I book for someone else ?
    Yes. When purchasing online, the buyer has the option of purchasing flights for one or more other people..
  • Are there Gift Vouchers ?
    Yes. There are four categories of Gift Vouchers: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. For more information, click here.
  • What are the benefits of a Gift Voucher ?
    The Gift Voucher is customizable and does not include any mention of the price paid.
  • How to get a personalized Gift Voucher ?
    Go to the « Gift Vouchers » page. Before clicking on the « Offer a Gift Voucher » button, please take the time to read the instructions carefully. When sending your request for a personalized gift voucher, be sure to attach to your email the ticket issued by « HelloAsso ». To establish the voucher, we must be in possession of the names, of the person who will make the flight, of the one or those who offer the gift. You can also add a message. Without these informations Morbihan-Ulm will be unable to process your request.
  • How long is the validity of the « Discovery » flight that I have just purchased? ?
    The validity of the purchase is 1 year.
  • How to make a reservation ?
    After your purchase, you (or the person who received the gift voucher) will send us an email to contact@morbihan-ulm.bzh. You can also call us on 07 71 83 47 07 two or three days in advance. We will then agree on an appointment taking into account the weather forecast.
  • Is it possible to immortalize the flight in videos or photos ?
    Morbihan-Ulm does not have a shooting service. On the other hand, by using your own devices, you will enjoy total freedom to immortalize your flight. It should be noted that the use of the shots taken during the « Discovery » flights can only be private. French regulations strictly prohibit the use of our microlights to take shots intended for direct or indirect marketing.