Here is the list of "Discovery" Tours that Morbihan-ULM offers you from Quiberon aerodrome: :


  • Circuit 60€* :
  • "Presqu'île" - Our first prize, for a flight over the Quiberon peninsula.
  • Circuits 90€* :
  • "Les Îles" - Fly above the waves: tour of the islands of Houat and Hoëdic.
  • "Les Alignements" : We will take an extended tour of the peninsula, the beaches of Plouharnel and the alignments of Carnac.
  • Circuit 110€* :
  • "Les Îles et Presqu'île" - The "Îles" and "Presqu'île" tours combined.
  • "La Trinité-sur-Mer" : After flying over the alignments of Carnac, we will push to La Trinité-sur-Mer and we will return by the beaches of the Quiberon Bay.
  • Circuits 140€* :
  • "Le Golfe" : We will continue to the islands of the Golfe du Morbihan with a return via the beaches of the Quiberon Bay.
  • "Belle-Île-en-Mer et les Îles" - Take off to the island of Houat, then Hoedic and back, bypassing Belle-Île-en-Mer to the west.
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